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Juliet Lawson is a singer and songwriter and artist, who has composed over one hundred songs and performed over the past four decades, both in the UK and beyond. Her first LP, Boo, was released on EMI in 1973 and she has released several other recordings since.

Her family was the Bovril family, her great grandfather, a food scientist in Edinburgh, having been the inventor of this beef drink. Juliet’s mother, born in America, was rescued as an infant from the torpedoed Lusitania in 1915 and when she died in 2011 she became the longest living survivor.

One of three sisters, Juliet studied Theatre Design in London before joining the Royal Court theatre as a trainee in Stage Management and Design. During this time, she formed, with her cousin, a rock band, a kind of Jefferson Airplane meets Fairport Convention. It was during this time that she started to write songs and in 1971 she approached and was courted by Island Records as a solo artist, although it was to be EMI that made the final deal.

From 1966 to 1970, Juliet had travelled widely, sometimes with the Bovril family business and latterly as a student backpacker to satisfy her adventurous curiosity. She took, with a girlfriend, the train from Victoria Station to Moscow Central in 1968 and somehow persuaded her father to lend his 8mm camera to her. This footage is part of the documentary that she is now making, along with trips to Greece, Istanbul, the US and Rome. The film will include some longlost family memories, a record of a distant and very different teenage childhood.

These films, having been unceremoniously stored in a carrier bag ever since those days, is now the subject of the documentary, All These Days. She will be performing with her band at the Cinema Museum on 10th February and this will be filmed as part of the documentary. Juliet will weave her wide-ranging catalogue of songs and stories into the narrative of the film.

Juliet’s artwork is exhibited and collected in Germany, the US, as well as here in the UK.